The Artist


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
American Society of Landscape Architects

Blair MichenerMichener strives to be at the forefront of inspiration and quality, leading the industry in Private Garden Design. "We share our projects with many collaborators - nurserymen, craftsmen, architects and artists. A complete artistic vision". Our approach ensures that every client has our individual attention. We are committed to creating a forged place and atmosphere where there once was nothing; understated, proportioned and exquisitely detailed finishes garnering international and regional design awards. AUTHENTIC. SUSTAINABLE.

Spacial Design . Art

Michener is known for a meticulous, understated elegance. As a discipline he uses the language of Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture to communicate design intentions.

"My world is in the quarries, nurseries, steel mills, artist studios, museums, visual libraries and the private gardens of my wonderful and gracious clients".

His Passion ?              "to CREATE".

Since 1987, Michener has created works and collaborated on projects on three continents - From the far reaches of Argentina across to Europe and back to the United States and Canada.

"I have always had a fascination with the bones of exceptional design, choosing to pay close attention to architectural context and integration…..blurring the lines and scope of traditional garden design in the direction of Spacial Art.

                              His name has been synonymous for the timeless and enduring design of some of the most notable estate homes throughout North America and beyond. Catering to the ultimate in European and Contemporary gardens, the epic and award winning properties that he designs are evidence of a rare level of care and understanding.

                                             When you obtain something from an artist you're receiving more than an object.

It's hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. The artists passion........ and moments of pure joy.

as a CLIENT you're not sharing just one thing; it's a piece of heart,

                                                                                 a piece of soul.....

                                                                                 a small piece of someone else's life experience.

Our Design approach ensures that every client receives something unique. A jolt of beauty and wonder that reminds us to love the life we’re living, Our foundation is built upon timeless, award winning and creative design services with nearly 35 years in the field and degreed in Landscape Architecture. A boutique approach to swimming pools, hardscapes, water features, outdoor living spaces and all within exquisitely designed gardens garnering 35 national, international and regional design awards for built projects. Since 1987 Michener has been honored by his peers with many awards but none are as important as the opportunity to create for clients who seek a one of a kind experience.

Our goal - Your enjoyment of the best in life: the experience of beauty, knowledge, and humanity at their deepest and most inspiring. It starts in the soil and finishes in the stars....

Select Areas of Service; By Chance or by Appointment - projects Grand or Wee - if you're a nice person contact us to enquire