The Sarg

Pools have become an important aspect of our business. This project in South Texas was built in 2014, and represents the approach that "a pool can be so much more". At the heart was the opportunity to start from the beginning with the home owner, architect and builder. A true collaboration with a seamless attitude.

A pool, fountain, visual barrier and focal point to an entire space. The house was set almost three feet above the natural grade which presented great opportunities. With a green space and lake beyond the vista was endless. In order to maintain a sense of intimacy and scale on this 3.5 acre property, the water elements were developed in different forms allowing for different views throughout the house. The rear wall bounces the sound of the water back toward the house and provides a dramatic visual barrier. The oval spa provides a strong connection between the home's main vista down toward the pool an gardens beyond.

The materplan provides a sense of direction for the coming years.