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The contemporary garden. A sense of order.  Most important, an attention to detail. Creating a sense of purity and strength through careful and precise planning. Proportion, dimension and rhythm run through my work; key qualities that define the spaces. The design’s minimalists’ character suits the Modernist yet South Asian architecture. A delicate balancing act of light and shadow. The palette restrained.

The Designed Landscape. An English Garden – a reflection of paradise characterized by mathematical concepts. But, throughout history, gardens, architecture and artifacts have merged in a great variety of ways. With good design, it is not easy to determine which one of these elements is most important. Garden design gives a building its place. It appears immovable and permanent. These are the essential facets of timeless and enduring design. A particular passion for us.

The Italian Renaissance garden was a new style of garden which emerged in the late 15th century at villas in Rome and Florence, inspired by classical ideals of order and beauty, and intended for the pleasure of the view of the garden and the landscape beyond, for contemplation, and for the enjoyment of the sights, sounds and smells of the garden itself. This project is a Texas interpretation of that style. Custom designed fire bowls, fountains, pool and spa. Geometry is at the heart of this project which overlooks the fairways of a private country club. Unique vantage points were created... More