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Beauty is in the Details

A Toronto project. How does one integrate the home and garden? I choose to use both plant material and architecture to bridge the gap. This is a great example of reaching into the garden to make a strong connection. The constant bloom and fragrance feeds the soul. So let's make a life worth enjoying. Elevating the human experience through design.

Make Waves this Fall

Industry experts call it "the next trend in pools". Since 1985 I have been working on projects around the globe that never approachs pool design in a vaccum. Your pool or watershape should never be designed as an isolated body of water, but rather as an authentic vision which incorprates and plans for your own "Luxury Code". It should include landscape, hardscape and outdoor living elements. If your talking to a Pool Designer and he doesn't want to address how you will experience the space, then that company is only a part of the solution.

Define Your Own Luxury

The New Luxury is about being authentic and sustainable. Every project is a one-of-a-kind and our approach - unique. Our view is to provide you with a complete vision. Elevating the human experience through design. Define your own Luxury.

A Taste of Europe


The Italian Renaissance garden. Style. Inspired by classical ideals of order and beauty, and intended for the pleasure of experience, and for the enjoyment of the sights, sounds and smells of the garden itself. This project is a Texas interpretation of that style. Custom designed fire bowls, fountains, pool and spa. The Spa - inspired by the great amphitheatres and the conductors special place - a shelled grotto. Elevating the human experience through design.


So many people start with the question - "what do you do" ? This includes people in casual conversation on to individual potential clients. I hold a degree in Landscape Architecture and have practiced for nearly 30 years. To say this defines me and leave it at that, I believe sells not only myself short, but also my clients. My passion lies in the Art. I am passionate about design. Whether that is architecure, swimming pools, furniture, industrial design, photography or living breathing plant material, their beauty is what stimulates my passion. This is, what I bring to every client.


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